ISNT/NCB Certified NDT Personnels

The certificate of competence is issued in accordance with IS: 13805 or other international standards as the case are.

Notes :-
  • The details here are incomplete and are likely to be in gross error. The information will be updated after receiving feedback from Certificate holder.
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  • The names of the certificate holders which are not valid currently will be removed in three months time if no information is received from the certificate holder.
  • The organization is at the time of certificate issue and it quite likely the person may not be with the same organization

General information about levels

Abstract from IS 13805:2004


3.1 Classification
An individual certified in accordance with this standard shall be classified in one of the three levels depending upon his respective level of competence. One who has not yet attained certification may be registered as a trainee.

3.2 NDT Level I
An individual certified to NDT level I is qualified to carry out NDT operations according to written instructions. He shall be able to set up the equipment, to carry out the tests, to record the results obtained, to classify the results in terms of written criteria; and to report the results. He shall receive the necessary instruction and/or supervision from level II or level HI personnel. He shall not be responsible for the choice of the test method or technique to be used nor for the assessment of test results,

3.3 NDT Level II
An individual certified to NDT level II is qualified to perform and direct non-destructive testing according to established or recognized techniques. He shall be competent to choose the test techniques to be used, to set up and calibrate equipment, to interpret and evaluate results according to applicable codes, standards and specification, to carry out all duties for which a level I individual is qualified and to check that they are properly executed, to develop NDT procedures adopted to problems which are the subject of an NDT specification, and to prepare written instructions, organize and report the results of non-destructive tests. He shall also be familiar with the scope and limitations of the method for which he is qualified, and able to exercise assigned responsibility for on the job training and guidance of trainees and NDT level I personnel.

3.4 NDT Level III
An individual certified to NDT level III shall be capable of assuming full responsibility for a test facility and staff, establishing techniques and procedures, interpreting codes, standards, specifications and procedures to be used. He shall have the competence to interpret and evaluate results in terms of existing codes, standards and specifications, a sufficient practical background in applicable materials, fabrication and product technology to select methods and establish techniques and to assist in establishing acceptance criteria where no standard practices are otherwise available, general familiarity with other NDT methods, and the ability to guide and train level I and level II personnel.